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Making Up Snow Days- When is the last day of school? What's the plan?

posted Mar 16, 2017, 5:21 AM by Roz Walton

On March 15, 2017, the School Committee unanimously approved a motion to submit a request to the Commissioner of Education in the form of a waiver. This waiver, one that is listed as a recommendation in state statute, allows school districts to add one hour of instructional time to a school day. For every 5 hours of additional instructional time, school districts make up one school day.

The School Committee approved Superintendent Grondin’s request to add one hour of instructional time to every Wednesday afternoon between March 29th and June 7th. This would put two instructional days back into the school calendar, allowing both students and staff to end the school year by June 23rd. The last student day would be on Tuesday, June 20th and the last teacher day would be on Thursday, June 22nd.

The top reasons why Wednesdays were chosen are as follows:

  • *Zero impact on the Pre-K afternoon program.
  • *Zero impact on the CLC afterschool program.
  • *Students would not have an extended school day on multiple days in a week.

Some questions that the School Committee discussed before approving the submission of the waiver were the following:

  • *Is this going to impact athletic schedules?   No more than they currently are.
  • *Will this impact our aftercare program?  No. The director is willing to work with her site coordinators and adjust the Wednesday afternoon schedule.
  • *Will students have access to school lunch?  Yes, as they already do.
  • *What times will students be released from school?  
    • Elementary students would attend until 12:30pm.
    • Middle school students would attend until 3:00pm.
    • High school students would attend until 3:10pm.

One exception would be on May 31st, where middle and high school release times would stay the same, and elementary students would stay until 4:00pm, as it is not a scheduled half-day Wednesday.

Again, tonight’s decision was one that allows Supt. Grondin to submit the proposal to the State. We will then wait for the Commissioner’s decision on our plan to makeup snow days. We will certainly post more information as it becomes available to us.