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Dear Staff, Students, Families and Community Members,


The Auburn School Department has joined districts across Maine, the nation, and the world in creating a proven system of Mass Customized Learning where learning is the constant and time is the variable. At the secondary level this is a major shift from a credit-based system where students earn credits based mostly on seat time; to a system where students must be proficient in all standards before attaining a high school diploma. Mass Customized Learning requires instruction to be determined by where students are in their learning sequence, rather than by a pre-established syllabus. At the elementary level this means that it is not the grade students are assigned that determines what they will learn, but rather it is where each child is in their attainment of the learning standards. For some students this will mean built in time for practice and for others it will mean extending their learning to higher levels of thinking.


We are committed to our Vision 2020! All staff, from Pre K to grade 12 are using various strategies such as Code of Conduct, Standard Operating Procedures, the Parking Lot, and Unpacking the Standards to improve opportunities for students to have a voice and choice, to make learning transparent for students and to increase student accountability for their own learning expectations. The kindergarten, first grade, second grade and grades 7-12 teachers will use the iPad as a tool to customize learning for their students. In addition, there are two instructional coaches and three technology coaches that support teachers in their development to becoming highly effective teachers who will impact the achievement of all students. Finally, as a district we will be planning our Teacher/Principal Evaluation system that will need to be piloted next year.


We will continue to update our website with information and provide opportunities to engage the various stakeholder groups in our work to provide the best education for all students. It is our responsibility that all students who graduate from Edward Little High School are college and/or career ready! We are excited to begin a new school year and although the work is not easy, it is work that is so important to the lives of our children.




Katy Grondin, Superintendent