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We are located at Fairview Elementary School, 397 Minot Avenue, Auburn, ME 04210  (207) 784-6431 ext. 2437

Before/After School Child Care at Fairview

2016 Lights On Afterschool Spotlight Event

The 2016 Spotlight Event at Fairview Elementary Before/After School Child Care program was a big hit!

 The Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent of Auburn Schools joined us for the Lights On Afterschool event on Thursday, October 20th, 2016. Superintendent Katy Grondin, read the Governor’s Proclamation to the students and guests. She read the proclamation in a way that the children could understand and relate to its importance.

 The children enjoyed the STEM activities almost as much as watching their parent’s reactions. They had a team challenge to “Save Freddie the Worm” using paperclips to successfully pull a gummy ring from underneath an overturned cup and return it to Freddie the gummy worm who rests on top of the cup without it falling off. The Vomiting Jack-O-Lanterns interested the parents and children alike, by using baking soda and vinegar to create an amusing chemical reaction. Parents were engaged in the activities with students and were happy with the results of the event. Many stayed for the duration and took time to socialize with staff and other families who participated or popped in to check things out. The overall consensus was that our event was a success!

 The Site Coordinator, Christina Thibault, successfully created a twitter account. We have slowly made progress with weekly tweets and expanding our reach in order to increase community involvement. We also hope to establish a successful Remind 101 account and Facebook account in time for winter.

Meet our Staff

Tiffany DunhamChildcare Aide

Shelby Dan, CDA Childcare Aide

Linda Downs, Childcare Aide

Linda Houle, Childcare Aide

Linda Provencher, Childcare Aide

Taylor St.Pierre, Childcare Aide

Jane TurcotteChildcare Aide

Lea Violette, Childcare Aide

Michelle White, Childcare Aide