Auburn's Primary Grades iPad Initiative

Auburn School Department is working to improve learning of our earliest learners by leveraging iPads and their apps, especially for Literacy and Math. 


Primary Grades are a time of tremendous opportunity. For all young students and their families, this is the beginning of children's formalized learning journeys and is important in determining the course of their lives. With the use of cutting-edge technology in the form of Apple iPad's we are taking a large, but essential step to ensure that our students are prepared for the tremendous opportunities to grow that await them in their education.


The use of this powerful learning technology is an extension of our Vision 2020, wanting all our students to learn well and be successful.  We are striving to achive our vision by working with teachers to implement Customized Learning strategies. One strategy for meeting these bold goals is a 1to1 iPad initiative, currently with every Auburn kindergarten, first, second, and third grade student.


But it is a balanced approach. Students still write with pencils, draw, paint, play, build, etc. Teachers select the most appropriate learning activity (with or without technology) for each learning target they are addressing.


The program includes ongoing professional development and support.  Professional development has included several workshop days, several days of training in the summer, and making use of many of the district's Wednesday elementary level early release days. And the district is working to identify new ways to support teachers as they learn new strategies.