Title I

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Sue Dorris, Ed.D.
ESEA & Title I Coordinator
Auburn School Department
Auburn, Maine 04210
(207) 782-4142
(207) 784-6431


What is Title I?
Title I is a federally funded program that provides supplemental academic support and extended learning opportunities to low achieving children in high poverty schools. The purpose of Title I is to ensure that all children have a fair and equal opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and achieve proficiency on Maine’s challenging academic standards.

Auburn’s Title I Schools
The Auburn School Department offers federally funded Title I programs in five elementary schools:
East Auburn Community School
Park Avenue Elementary School
Sherwood Heights Elementary School
Walton Elementary School
Washburn Elementary School

All five schools have achieved Schoolwide Program status through a rigorous application process that includes the creation of a planning team, an in-depth needs assessment, and the development of a schoolwide improvement plan. Schoolwide programs promote high academic achievement through the following components:
A clear focus on learning;
High expectations for students/staff;
Environment focused on learning;
Strong leadership;
Curriculum, instruction, assessment aligned with standards;
High-quality professional development;
A collaborative spirit and collaborative structures;
Meaningful parental involvement; and
A commitment to continuous review and improvement.

Early Intervention and Prevention
The Auburn School Department emphasizes early intervention and prevention through Pre-K programming and K-6 supplemental instruction in literacy and math. All elementary schools have trained K-6 interventionists on staff. Auburn’s Title I funds also support extended day and summer programs that provide direct instruction and academic support to students who are not meeting grade level benchmarks.

Parent Involvement
The Auburn School Department recognizes that a child’s education is a responsibility shared by the school, the student, and the family. Research shows that the involvement of parents in their child’s education increases student achievement. Schools and parents must work as partners if the school system is to meet its goal of educating students effectively.

AUB-KB Parent Involvement in Education
UB-KBF Parent Involvement in Title I

School Report Cards
The federal Every Child Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires all states, school districts, and schools to provide annual report cards to parents and communities that include Maine Comprehensive Assessment System data, attendance and graduation rates, status of ESEA Accountability, and information on “highly qualified” teachers. Auburn’s report cards can be accessed by clicking here.

Auburn School Department Accepting ESEA Application Comments

The Auburn School Department (ASD) accepts funding through the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965. As part of ESEA, ASD is required to provide reasonable opportunity for public comment on the consolidated application and consider such comment prior to submission of the application. Below is a summary of proposed 2018-2019 grant expenditures and link to a feedback form.

The ESEA application team, along with school principals and literacy specialists, have developed a proposal for the use of Title IA, IIA, III, and IVA funding for the 2018-2019 school year as outlined in the ESEA grant application. The allocations and proposed use of funds are as follows:

Title IA (Allocation = $1,026,037)
Title IA funds provide supplemental academic support and extended learning opportunities to children in Title I schools. Title IA funds will be used to support programming and resources for students at East Auburn, Park Avenue, Sherwood Heights, Walton, and Washburn. Title IA funds will pay for four literacy coaches, seven interventionists, a half-time Ed. Tech, and an administrative assistant. In addition, Title IA funds will be used for instructional materials, books, tutoring, continuing professional development for interventionists, support for homeless students, and parent involvement activities.

Title IIA (Allocation = $205,206)
Title IIA funds may be used to reduce class sizes in the primary grades or to provide professional development for teachers. Local private schools will receive a percentage of the overall Title IIA allocation ($21,432). Auburn’s share of Title IIA funds ($183,774) will be used for teacher professional development in the following areas: teacher evaluation system, reading and math instruction, intervention programs, training for instructional coaches, and positive behavior intervention systems.

Title III (Allocation = $28,762)
Title III funds support programs and resources for students who are learning English as a second language. Title III monies will be used to provide high-quality instruction, materials/supplies, translation services, and staff development.

Title IVA (Allocation = $91,033)
Title IVA funds support activities in three broad areas: 1. Providing students with a well-rounded education, 2. Supporting safe and healthy students, and 3. Supporting the effective use of technology. Local private schools will receive a percentage of the overall Title IVA allocation ($9,507). Auburn’s share of Title IVA funds ($81,526) will be used to fund projects in the following areas: STEM/robotics, environmental education (gardening/composting), attendance/truancy support, restorative justice practices, Advanced Placement exam fees, and technology professional development.

The Auburn School Department is accepting public comment on the ESEA application through July 30, 2018. Click here to share your thoughts about the application’s goals and priorities. Please email Sue Dorris (sdorris@auburnschl.edu) with any questions. Thank you for your feedback.

*For more detailed descriptions of 18-19 ESEA projects, project goals, and budget lines, click here.*