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Your hub for reusable resources for

schools, educators, nonprofits & the region

Lisa Rodrigues, SHARECenter, Director


Now located at:

* 1830 Lisbon Street Lisbon St, Lewiston, ME

For more information on hours and availability, please click here to check our Facebook page

We collect tons of materials from business and industry for reuse by your school or program.

We are a non-profit program with three-fold impact on:


  • hands-on learning materials

  • classroom and office supplies

  • schools get $10 of materials per $1 of membership


  • cost-avoidance of landfill fees for businesses

  • tax benefits for donated items & time for industry

  • job skills development by students and others


  • together we reused over 30 tons last year

  • students learn about reuse and more

  • fewer new materials needed means benefits to all