School Committee

Welcome to the Auburn School Committee’s website. Our website has been designed to provide insight into the functions of the School Committee, plus information relative to our schools, our achievements and the important issues facing our district.

The Auburn School Committee is comprised of eight members elected for a two-year term. As per state law and city charter, the School Committee has general charge of the Auburn School Department. The primary role of the School Committee is to establish educational goals and policies for the schools in our district, consistent with the requirement of law as well as the statewide goals and standards established by the Maine Board of Education.

The School Committee is also responsible for the review and approval of the school system’s annual budget. The budget is developed to support the district’s educational priorities and other system needs.

The Superintendent of Schools is hired by the School Committee to serve as the Committee’s educational advisor and chief executive officer in charge of overseeing the administration of the school system in a manner that is consistent with district goals and policies.

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