Gross Motor

Gross motor activities are movements that use large muscle groups. This includes everyday activities including sitting, crawling, standing, walking, running, and jumping. It is important to warm-up and cool down prior to and ending an exercise program. Please consult your physical therapist prior to starting an exercise program.

Weekly Gross Motor Challenge

Try out this weekly challenge to get your body moving! These activities will help get you heart pumping faster, help make your muscles stronger and improve your balance.


Video 1: Welcome and Warm UpWant to get right to the exercises? Start at 1:56.

Warm Up with Special Olympics

Check out the School of Strength from Special Olympics. This video contains a variety of warm up activities that affect, strength, range of motion, balance and coordination. A warm up and cool down should always be completed prior to and completion of exercising.

American Heart Association

Check out these 25 ways to get moving from AHA to improve strength and heart health. Try a few activities out, with direction from your child's physical therapist, in order to acheive physical therapy goals.

Full Body Workout

Pokemon Yoga

20 minute yoga video related to Pokemon. The poses are challenging, but you should feel an increase in heart rate and your body getting stronger.

Moana Zumba

Bust a move with this 3 minute workout. Give yourself enough space and try to copy the dance moves.

Stationary Bike

Do you have a bike with training wheels sitting around at home? Check out what this family did to keep their children moving during the quarentine.

Dryland Training for Swimming


From Cincinatti Children's. If this activity is too challenging try completing it using just the arms or the legs.

SOME Swim Training

Even though you can't train (unless you have a wetsuit or heated pool!) check out these moves to help your swimming. These are challenging and are likely best suited for 12+ years of age.