Homeless Liaison

We realize that homelessness alone should not be a sufficient reason to separate students from the school learning environment. The Auburn School Department strives to ensure that homeless students are identified and provided access to the same free and appropriate public education provided to all students in the school system. In accordance with federal and state law and regulations, the school unit will provide homeless students access to the instructional programming that supports achievement of the content standards of Maine's system of Learning Results and to other services for which they are eligible. Students shall not be segregated into a separate school or program based on their status as homeless, nor shall they be stigmatized in any way.

The Auburn School Department's Homeless Liaison Officer is:

Sasha Anastasoff

207-333-6652 Ext 2712

[email protected]

Below are links where you get more information about Auburn's policies as well as some information about Maine's and national organizational support for homeless students

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