The Elementary Team

Gabi Joy

Gabi Joy-Walton

Position: 1st Grade Teacher

Favorite Tech Tool: I love using Seesaw to have students immediately show their learning in class. This digital portfolio also allows them to share their work with peers and family!

Goal: My goal is to not only learn how I can be implementing technology more in the classroom to reach all students, but also provide support to my colleagues so they can feel comfortable and confident using technology in their classrooms!

Contact Info: [email protected]

Amanda Cyr

Amanda Cyr-Washburn

Position: 6th grade

Favorite tech tool: Adobe Creative Suite & DSLR Camera

Tech Goal: To instill confidence in technologies and creative solutions in the classroom.

Contact Info: [email protected] or (207) 784-5467

Gary Ramsdell

Gary Ramsdell- Washburn

Position: 5th grade teacher

Favorite tech tool: Flipgrid

Tech Goal: use tech purposefully and keep students engaged

Contact Info: [email protected]

Ashley Roy

Ashley Roy -Park Ave

Position: Third Grade Teacher at Park Avenue

Favorite tech tool: Google Drive

Tech Goal: Learn and understand all of the apps on Class Link.

Contact Info: [email protected] or (207) 333-6657 X2586

Krissy Thompson

Krissy Thompson-East Auburn

Grade: Kindergarten

Favorite tech tool: With kindergarteners I love using Seesaw to help students show what they know.

Goal: This year I would like to see all of the teachers feel comfortable and confident using the technology they currently have.

Contact Info: [email protected]

Breann Crocker

Breann Crocker-Sherwood Heights

Grade: 2nd

Favorite tech tool: iPad

Tech goals: To use the technology to reach all students learning needs.

Contact Info: [email protected] or 207-783-8526

Sarah Lapointe

Sarah Lapointe-Sherwood Heights

Position: fourth grade teacher

Favorite tech tools: Google Classroom, Clips

Goal: To learn new ways to reach all students through technology

Contact Info: [email protected]

MacKenzie Gauvin

MacKenzie Gauvin - Fairview

Position: 1st Grade Teacher at Fairview

Favorite tech tools: Seesaw Family. Being able to have parents connect with their children throughout the day has proven to be a powerful learning tool for the kids!

Goal: Learn new and exciting ways of engaging students in a rigorous work environment through technology.

Contact Info: [email protected] or (207) 784-3559 ext. 2403