The Elementary Team


Emily Manahan -Walton


Amanda Cyr

Amanda Cyr-Washburn

Position: 6th grade

Favorite tech tool: Adobe Creative Suite & DSLR Camera

Tech Goal: To instill confidence in technologies and creative solutions in the classroom.

Contact Info: [email protected] or (207) 784-5467

Gary Ramsdell

Gary Ramsdell- Washburn

Position: 5th grade teacher

Favorite tech tool: Flipgrid

Tech Goal: use tech purposefully and keep students engaged

Contact Info: [email protected]

Ashley Roy

Ashley Roy -Park Ave

Position: Third Grade Teacher at Park Avenue

Favorite tech tool: Google Drive

Tech Goal: Learn and understand all of the apps on Class Link.

Contact Info: [email protected] or (207) 333-6657 X2586


Brooke Dockum-East Auburn 


Breann Crocker-Sherwood Heights

Grade: 2nd

Favorite tech tool: iPad

Tech goals: To use the technology to reach all students learning needs.

Contact Info: [email protected] or 207-783-8526


Sarah Lapointe-Sherwood Heights

Position: fourth grade teacher

Favorite tech tools: Google Classroom, Clips

Goal: To learn new ways to reach all students through technology

Contact Info: [email protected]


Jamie Kravetz - Fairview