Wheelchair Mobility

Obstacle Course

You can complete these activities in a powerchair or manual wheelchair. Use chalk, have siblings help, be creative!

  • Put out obstacles to navigate around, time your child and encourage some friendly competition

  • Draw an obstacle course out of chalk, don't forget about trying to turn and go backwards

  • Play redlight, greenlight. You can get creative and hold up a red or green visual target to encourage driving skills.

Seated Exercises

Seated Exercises

Check out this example of some seated wheelchair exercises to participate in. Do your best! Here are some additional activities that your child may be able to participate in with consultation from their physical therapist.

  • Laying on their belly (prone) to complete an activity or offered as a change in position. Can you incorporate a fine motor activity for your child in this position? Example: puzzle, play-doh, game, etc.

  • Floor sitting. Is your child able to sit indepently? If so, encourage that. Consider a variety of floor-sitting positions; criss-cross (tailor sitting), ring sitting (or circle sitting), side sitting, long sitting with legs out in front.